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Chloé Renault

Chloé is surfing on topics which relate learning and the corporate worlds. She is passionate about finding ways to help people learn.

She is working with visual thinking, using graphics to help people learn and remember. She works as a graphic recorder for corporate workshops or team-building events, whereby she visually represents the events of the day and the key notions which are discussed.
This is an excellent way to show intangible processes and communicate with participants after the event. To see more of her work, you can visit her blog: Avec un dessin (http://avecundessin.blogspot.com/).

Chloé has a master degree in Business Administration from HEC Paris, where she is now preparing her dissertation in marketing about the transition of industrial companies to service businesses. She has extensive experience in workshop/training design and project management with Arquitès, a consultancy firm specialized in change management, and HEC Executive Education. She also teaches students or confirmed managers.

Chloé has studied and worked in England and Germany. She speaks French, English and German.

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