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banner ti juniorEmma Peterson

French and American, Emma Peterson has a degree in Clinical Psychology and for the past 4 years has been facilitating groups and working in the field of learning: how to teach, how to learn, why sometimes teaching gets tough and why sometimes learning gets tough.

As a junior consultant, she co-facilitates groups from 20 and up to several hundreds of people. She is most familiar with techniques such as World Café, The Game of the Tao, Co-development, listening workshops…. When necessary, she takes care of session reports, mind maps and logistics. She has worked for SNCF, HEC, BNP Paribas and Thomson.

In addition, her interest in the field of learning has brought her to apply innovative learning techniques as an English teacher (BTS Tourism, IUFM), a supervisor (IUFM) and as a student counsellor (high school: individual and groups).

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