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Isabelle Noleau


Isabelle is "biologist-coach" for organizations and supports companies in their cultural transitions since 1996.

Trained in individual and group coaching at International Mozaik and the Repère Institut with Robert Dilts and Steven Gilligan, she is experienced in helping teams to define and implement a more prosperous and peaceful future.
Through coaching, Isabelle promotes creativity and the emergence of new opportunities: she practices “generative coaching”, allowing everyone to mobilize all of their resources (cognitive, emotional and energy) to serve their objectives.
With her customers, teams or individuals, Isabelle positions herself as a catalyst to help them  move towards simple and effective solutions, allowing them to gain confidence, to optimize their interactions and develop harmoniously within their environment.

Professional background:
Isabelle worked for over 25 years in major international corporations such as Nestle and Danone in  positions such as Research Management, Quality, R & D and was particularly involved in the transformation of the business: strategic vision, objectives deployment, innovation, Lean management, industrial restructuring, sustainable development, supply chain, ...
As Director of Organizations and Skills she has contributed to structuring projects for the human value: HR vision, managerial policy, GPEC, training plans, social responsibility.
Since 2008, Isabelle accompanies various business sectors in their search for sustainability and collective intelligence: Hospitality (Disney Resort), Hospitals (ANAP / Meah, INCA …), pharmaceutical (Zambon, Roche, Pfizer ), Food (Kraft, Dairy Morocco, Danone)

To contribute to the professionalization of coaching, Isabelle is also strongly involved with the International Coach Federation France, where she is secretary general and member of the Ethics Committee.

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